Corgi Q Token
1 min readJul 14, 2021


As the popularity of decentralized finance has grown, the need for innovative tokens has never been bigger. CorgiQ will have multiple utilities, while every transaction with it’s hyper deflationary and auto-staking mechanism causes extra profit and stable growth for the holder.

CorgiQ is a combination of Business and Funny. CorgiQ is not only on the mission of filling the gaps in blockchain, but also create the Meme NFT products as the funny souvenirs in near future.

CorgiQ will preserve the transparency and clarity of its predecessors. At the same time, the improvement of technology and marketing strategy will bring success to CorgiQ in the next phase of defi.

About CorgiQ
_CorgiQ Play-to-Earn platform

Transaction Fees:
_Buy (10%)
+ Reflection — 2%
+ Auto Buy Back — 4%
+ Marketing — 4%
_Sell (14%)
+ Reflection — 5%
+ Auto Buy Back — 5%
+ Marketing — 4%


Telegram: (English)